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Igloo Contest Enlarged

Posted by simmer27 on May 26, 2008

I found some information on the igloo contest. You know how the Mideval party is one of the biggest parties ever? Well, Club Penguin Co. decided to make this Igloo contest one of the biggest ever!!

This is what the judges will be looking for:


The judges are mostly looking for palace igloo’s. If you are trying to save coins, I recomend you buy the Pink Ice Palace because it is 200 coins then the Blue Ice Palace.

The judges don’t want your igloo to be packed with furniture either.

Make your igloo a mideval theme.

You can use old furniture as well!

Here are the changeds that make the igloo contest the biggest ever.

In stead of 10 winners there are 20.

The top ten win 25000 coins and the next 10 win 15000.

Remember, winners are chosen depending on their creativity, not by the amount of coins they spent.

Good Luck!

Simmer 27

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