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About Me

My name is Rey. I play Club Penguin numerous times. I’m 14. šŸ˜› I’m in Chicago. Use to have an old blog, but had to post 24/7. šŸ˜¦ Well I’m back. šŸ™‚

P.S. Email :

24 Responses to “About Me”

  1. darkever64 said

    dude I just saw your hits and its 666 lol (not being mean) as in the ceels number thing.

  2. rey06190 said

    i know its just that i need lots of advertising. i saw ur stats it is HUGE.

    lowest : about 555
    Hightest : about 1750

    awesome site btw

  3. darkever64 said

    thanx again

  4. salty38 said

    Reyo6190 how do you put pictires on your website?

  5. rey06190 said

    go to darkevers site he tells u how to upload the pics

  6. salty38 said


  7. glnoble3 said

    can i join ur army?

  8. rey06190 said

    sure glnoble

  9. soccer7896 said

    Can i join ur army??

    P.S im NOT a member

  10. rey06190 said


  11. Danny Solo said

    Hey Rey do u like WWE?? If so rey mysterio is my fave

  12. rey06190 said

    kinda, not that much, though

  13. (your friend) ThunderboyX said

    is it okay rey to wear a life guard whistle,a tour guide hat, green sun glasses, and green duck.or can i wear a party hat, super hero cape, ghost costume and a electric gutar. TEll me which to pick

  14. rey06190 said

    second one looks better

  15. (your friend) ThunderboyX said

    okay thanks i’ll be on

  16. glnoble3 said

    i found out a secret to get puffle bandana for everyone!!

  17. (always your friend) ThunderboyX said

    hoW? do you get it

  18. 12spacebar12 said

    Hey waz up. I agree with thunderboyx, where do you get the puffle bandana.
    Wouldnt it be cool to actally have a diner at clubpenguin. And people could actally work there nad could be see in that. Yah that just poped in my head. And maybe there could also be more shops, places to eat, and other fun things. That all for know. Cllubpenguin Rocks.

  19. 12spacebar12 said

    Hey it’s me again. This is probly off the subject but who watches dancing with the stars? im watching it know. Wouldnt it be cool to have a dancing with the penguins. That is a stupid but cool and fun idea.

  20. rey06190 said

    yeah, dancing with the penguins, lol, maybe we can do it if clubpenguin makes a selection of diffrent dance moves.

  21. Anonymous said


  22. markjonny said


  23. bouncefrua said

    Can I Please Be In Your Army Please

  24. Spiff313 said


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