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How to make a picture in Club Penguin

Special Thanks to Darkever64 for the pictures. I copied them because I have no idea where to get them. Hope you understand.

Step 1: When you want to take a picture of Club Penguin press this button.


Step 2: Go to Microsoft Paint. Go to the Edit Drop Down. Press Paste.


Step 3: Now your picture is on the screen. Select the part you want. Cut the picture. Clear the left over image. Paste the cutted image. Then size the screen the same size as the image. Click save as and put it as a PNG Picture. Save and your done.



29 Responses to “How to make a picture in Club Penguin”

  1. rapidy said

    How do you take a picture ? do you use a camera?

  2. rey06190 said

    no, if u cant seee everything of the picture just press the pictures to see it.

  3. waddlywoddle said

    hey can u do mac aswell please?

  4. soccer7896 said

    Didn’t work ????

  5. rey06190 said

    well wat didnt work

  6. rey06190 said

    well i dont have a mac computer but im gonna try to to find out how.

  7. (your friend) ThunderboyX said

    if you took the picture.And saved it.Can you put it on your very own website??

  8. (always your friend) ThunderboyX said

    lol i did my own picture

  9. clubpenguins1blog said


  10. Tykerq said

    Pardon me but which keys do u have to press?The blue coloured ones or the pink n purple ones?

    Rey says:
    Click the picture and you will know what to press.

  11. Tykerq said

    Yeah I got it.And do u know how to make video?

    Rey says:
    I dunno. Bobrjb made the video, not me. I know he made it by Hypercam 2, though.

  12. ozzy104 said

    thanks that helps a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. dw i worked out how but can you please tell me how you make those kinda posts how each time you put up a picture with a lil writing the newest one goes ontop of it… Where is it? do u put it in file or what? please help

    Rey says:
    Need more info? Go here:

  14. it doesint work

    Rey says: whats the prob?

  15. tim said

    what button do i hit for 1st step


  16. macauley said


  17. joel61 said

    what do u press on a laptop

  18. Soccer7896 said

    how do u make a site? and then when u have the pic
    how do u post it on ur site? do u just right click n paste?

  19. ninjadude567 said

    thx a bunch!

  20. ROHYL HIPPY said

    how to put it on clubpenguin

  21. chilli473 said

    ur sooooooooo dum! you press PRINT SCREEN on ur computer key board!

  22. cold123guy said

    forget what i said, it worked!

  23. Icysnap said

    it doenst work, I cant save it in png

    Rey: It does work. When you are saving, there is a rectangle that says bitmap, click on it and tons of other options will come, press PNG. Then save.

  24. Icysnap said

    i now about the triangle, it only says
    Monocrhome bitmap
    256 colour bitmap
    16 colour bitmap!!

  25. Cooldude 77 said

    Thanks for the heads up!

  26. cherrymelony said

    go to my site: Lots a cheats!!!!!!!


  27. Anonymous said

    awsome ur smart dude keep it up and tell everyone more about wat u know cuz i wud like to know more!!

  28. ollidolli said

    it works

  29. jackhammer09 said

    damn you all

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